The Red Wolf Story

The Red Wolf embodies love and passion for adventure, travel, wine, food, and sharing good things with friends and family.

The wines that the Red Wolf brings in are built on tradition but not constrained by it. Red Wolf Imports began after a vacation to the South African winelands. There, Alyssa and Ian tasted so many great wines and that they couldn’t find back home in the US. They realized American wine drinkers were missing out on some of South Africa’s best wines. Red Wolf was born to change that.

Wine is a product of love that’s meant to give pleasure. Taste is an inherently personal experience. But we can only point you in the right direction. The rest is up to you. The Red Wolf encourages you to decide for yourself and savor the adventure. The journey is just half the fun. Don’t buy a wine because you’re supposed to. Buy it because you like it.

Turn the bottle around. If you see the Red Wolf on the back, you know you’ve got something special.

Meet The Red Wolf

Meet Alyssa Wolf: After working for nine years in healthcare, Alyssa realized that her true passion lies in sharing wine with people rather than torturing them as she did in her prior role as physical therapist. Alyssa started on the WSET track in 2016, and has loved meeting the wonderful people living the wine life.

Meet Ian Wolf: As a recovering lawyer, Ian sometimes feels like a cliche. He gets weirdly excited about the role that random chance plays in the carefully orchestrated process of making wine. Fortunately, he loves paperwork so is an invaluable asset to this importer team.

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