Douro & Vinho Verde

Portugal has been making wine since at least 2000 BC and has one of highest percentage vineyard plantings in the world. No other country has such a range of indigineous grape varieties. From light, refreshing wines in the northwest, to big, bold and complex wines of the South and the East, Portugal offers something for everyone, every meal and every occasion. But don’t take our word. Check it out for yourself.

Quinta da Devesa

Cima Corgo, Douro Valley

Quinta da Devesa Port Wines, are produced exclusively from lots vinified and aged in the estate. Since 1941, vintages considered of superior quality by the family winemakers, were kept and stored in wooden barrels in the winery cellars.

These extraordinary quality wines are used today to produce Quinta da Devesa Port Wines.

Quinta do Ferro

Douro Verde

Quinta do Ferro is a small family owned winery, with daughter Micaela Fonseca taking over in 2011.

The winery and vineyards are located in Vinho Verde along the Douro river near the border to the Douro valley.

Quinta da Lixa

Vinho Verde

The Meireles family cared for vineyards in the heart of Minho, Vinho Verde for years before deciding to build a small winery, what is now Quinta da Lixa (named after the small town surrounding the vineyard).

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